Fitness Sessions/Ability Groups

Group Fitness

This is our signature session which consists of a variety of different exercises and activities focusing on all components of Physical Fitness Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance and flexibility. This session is fun varied and challenging consisting of lots of team and partner based exercises. This is a fast paced session providing lots of movement around the park in between and during activities. Our instructors will be coaching encouraging and motivating you every step of the way in your goal to achieve maximum results.  All members work together in their relevant ability groups throughout the session, no muscle group is neglected during this session.

We offer three fitness ability groups at every session and our instructors are experts in tailoring each session to suit each fitness ability group, so no matter what your fitness level you will get the most from your session.


Circuit Training

Our  Circuit training session is a combination of six or more exercises performed with short rest periods between them, working for either a prescribed time or repetitions. This session improves both cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance.  Our Circuit Training session is designed to be totally different to the outdoor sessions using lots of exciting equipment and different exercise activities.


Battle PT

Our Battle PT session is a military focused session, which incorporates lots of team and partner military style challenges and exercises in a fun and challenging environment with lots of humour. The aim of this session is to work as a team to complete each task you are faced with. This session is not for the faint hearted and will push you to your limits both physically and mentally. This session is suitable for all fitness abilities.



Our Boxing session offers a combination of high intensity interval (HITT) training and a total body workout using various boxing equipment working for short periods of time at maximal efforts. These classes raise your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn fat for hours after the session also adding stress reducing benefits. In addition to this providing a high level of partner work and members motivating one another. Working all muscle groups, this provides the perfect work-out for letting off some steam after a stressful day at work.



Our Tabbing sessions name come from the British Army slang term tabbing being and abbreviation of Tactical Advance to Battle. Tabbing is a military term for walking at fast pace with a weighted Bergen or rucksack. In the British Army tabbing is considered a core skill. These sessions are fantastic for burning calories and fat loss. Carrying heavy things is a fundamental skill that most people don’t train which builds a more solid foundation of fitness and improving overal body and core strength.


Super Saturday Session

Our Super Saturday session consists of a combination of exciting and challenging activities delivered over different stations by various instructors rotating the groups throughout the session. This weekly session consists of lots of team work activities, games and challenges as well as a full body workout using various equipment. This end of the week session is a perfect way to get all members together to workout and have some fun at the end of a busy week.


Fitness Ability Groups

Outdoor Fit provides three fitness ability groups to suit individual fitness levels. This works fantastically as we provide an option for all our members to be able to work at their relevant fitness level, as there’s nothing worse than attending a session and being left behind, which is what happens at other fitness classes. Providing three different ability groups also provides an option to progress to the next level and is great for setting goals. Our ability groups are separated into three different bib colours: Yellow Low Intensity    Orange Moderate Intensity    Red   High Intensity


Yellow Group (Low Intensity)

This group is designed for either a complete beginner,  someone who has never exercised before or any person returning from an injury or post-natal. There is a clear focus on providing low intensity and low impact exercises. These classes focus on a high concentration on performing good quality exercise technique. Providing a variety of exercises and activities developing core strength and a good overall base fitness platform.  Providing fun varied, exciting and challenging activities, so you feel a real sense of achievement by the end of the session and really enjoy yourselves at the same time. Providing lots of fun has been proven as a key success at Outdoor Fit, leaving our members excited and looking forward to their next session. Our Outdoor Fit Instructors have years of experience and are experts in getting the best from you. Providing all members with a high level of positive motivation, encouragement and support to reach their goals.  We deliver tailored and structured fitness sessions with proven results.


Orange Group (Moderate Intensity)

This group is ideal for those members who have progressed in their fitness levels from yellow group, or those that are joining with a good level of base line fitness already. This group is a step up from yellow group and provides more challenging activities. This group will provide more focus on speed, stamina, strength and interval type training at a higher level. The exercise choices are pitched at a higher level, with higher repetitions, working for longer periods of time on each exercise and covering more distance around the park.


Red Group (High Intensity)

This group is ideal for those members that have progressed in their fitness levels from Orange group and want a much more challenging fitness session. This session is not for the faint hearted and is designed at the highest level which will challenge anyone from a fit person to an athlete. This session provides the ultimate challenge, pushing your body to its absolute limits. Providing members with a selection of much harder exercises, higher repetitions and longer work periods. Outdoor Fit Instructors will constantly motivate you throughout providing lots of encouragement and support.