About Us

Outdoor Fit is the leading outdoor fitness provider in Coventry and Warwickshire. Having over 22 years experience in delivering group fitness sessions for both the military and the public. Majority of our instructors are either ex or serving members of the British Forces. Our Instructors and all experts in delivering high quality group fitness sessions to various levels of fitness. Focusing heavily on delivering fun, varied and challenging fitness sessions which have proven to achieve great results. Your first session is free, so come along and give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

 Statement of Intent and vision

Outdoor Fit strives to constantly challenge and lead our members to achieve their highest level of sustainable fitness they can reach. To help members reach their fitness goals and beyond. To develop and bring out that inner strength, determination and self-belief to give a hundred percent to all that they do both physically and mentally. Enabling our members to take these qualities gained and apply them into their every day life. To provide our members with a sense of belonging in becoming part of the team and joining a fantastic social network. 

  How we will achieve this and our promise to you

We will deliver well-structured, fun, varied and challenging Military style fitness sessions which are tailored to meet all fitness levels requirements from low intensity to high intensity. No matter whether you have never trained before and a complete novice to an advanced athlete, everyone will be catered for and pushed to their fitness level, leaving no one behind.

We deliver a weekly programme of structured effective fitness sessions throughout the year focusing on the key components of fitness, Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, and Flexibility. Using exercises and activities which are used by our British Forces and will be delivered to you by fully qualified Fitness Instructors and serving and ex members of the British Forces.

All our sessions are different, adding variety and keeping our members engaged and looking forward to their next session "as variety is the spice of life”

Motivation Encouragement and Education

Our instructors are very experienced and experts in coaching and educating members on the benefits of correct exercise techniques and good form. Providing education to our members on the effects exercise has on the body and the benefits to exercising and creating a better fitness culture. Our instructors are highly enthusiastic, passionate and fantastic motivators and will do their utmost to support you on your journey to reach your full potential and have a real sense of achievement.

Fun Teamwork Friendship working together

Our instructors place a large focus on adding fun based activities to our sessions, which helps to take your mind of what you are doing, working harder without realising it and getting better results. Everyone has bad days and this is where partner and team activities work really well, as every member supports each other to achieve their best results. Fostering team work is an essential way to get the members to work together as a team and motivating each other. Team work is a vital part of the military and we use various activities during our sessions to help members achieve maximum results. We have an extremely welcoming and friendly group of members who fully support each other to achieve best results.

 We arrange regular socials for our members and their families, which are a great way to make new friends and get together as a team. At Outdoor Fit we are strong believers in Training Together and Changing Together, as working as a team is a very important part of what we are about.

Outdoor Fit benefits

  • Build confidence and develop inner strength and belief
  • Fitness with results
  • Great social and friendly atmosphere
  • Fun and exciting
  • Life changing